Arriving in the base, our pilot hovers more than the Frisco-bound rocket. Mail containers are lowered to a loading crew perched high on the missile's open cargo doors. Parcel post packages stick to swiftly and also the doors are swung upward and locked. The "service stand" retracts its telescoping tower, folds it neatly on its bed and pulls away in the missile pit.

With an ear-splitting roar, the downward rush of incandescent gas is deflected up and out by the cup-shaped walls with the bunker. cheap omega copies Gradually best fake omega , the missile rises, gathering momentum with just about every foot of altitude. Climbing higher into space at ten,000 mph the winged postman is guided on its course by electronic pilot installations spaced across the nation. With engines cut, it starts the extended, roller-coaster dip for the Pacific. Because it nears the coast,controls are actuated along with the big missile turns slowly end-for-end. Tail first, with rocket again soaring, it steadily brakes it descent. Now the landing controls at its location take more than. Lightly, it touches down on its landing pad.

The postman's engine is cut. A reversal on the New York process whisks the merger container into the hands of its addressee by 10 a. m. Pacific Normal Time. Promptly countersigned and witnessed, it starts its return trip. Our New York executives get the papers at two:30 p.m."in plenty of time for you to close the deal.

When will this closely-coordinated missile mail service be in operation? As outlined by Hall L. Hibbard, head of Lockheed Aircraft's Missile Division, missile mail and freight will be probable by 1965. MI agrees"and we foresee that the speed of your service will require a smooth-working, speeded-up city-to-rocket base and ground handling technique to exploit its fullest possible.

MAIL By means of ROCKET (Jan, 1957)

MAIL By means of ROCKET

A missile specialist predicts rocket mail by 1965 replica watches omega . omega fake watch Right here are MI's suggestions on how the method could function.

By Frank Tinsley

IT'S Friday noon. Inside the house office of a giant New York corporation the final drafts of a secret merger are being signed. If they could be signed by the party of your second aspect in San Francisco and be back right here inside the office prior to the stock market closes"so that "buy" orders is usually rushed to dealers all through the country"a possible Monday financial slump may be averted. The atmosphere is tense. A micro- photo machine has been moved into the president's office plus a trusted operator inserts the sheets, one by a single. Two tiny prints of every emerge, 1 for the files and a single for mailing. The latter is sealed within a pencil-thin plastic carrier bearing the written address along with the code punch for San Francisco. The carrier is then popped into a pneumatic tube that requires it to a central post office where it emerges into a sorting machine. Automatically identifying the punch mark, this device drops it into the San Francisco container. At scheduled intervals, an attendant seals these containers and inserts them within a big pneumatic tube for the rooftop heliport. Here our letter is picked up by a rapidly convertaplane that flies hourly among the city along with the rocket base.

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